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The Indian Association has made significant progress towards stabilising the macroeconomic framework and creating a conducive environment for sector wide growth in Uganda. We can all salute ourselves for this joint and collective effort which we are contributing to our “KARMABHUMI” Uganda.

Furthermore, as an association, we have seen many new developments in this year with the attachment of a new Chairman, Mr. Rajesh Chaplot, who comes with a wealth of experience in organisation and creative skills which will add a new dimension to the outlook of our image.

This edition of the Namaste Magazine moves one step further to bring us all together by sharing various information across the board and keeping us all alive in each other’s minds. It is very informative, broad based and has a wide range of Guide which can help for year round, like directory of restaurants, embassies, service providers, doctors, important contacts, upcoming events, Reports of various entertainment events held and Many more…

This Namaste Magazine will be also available on Indian association website.

On behalf of the Indian Association I would like to extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed in any way towards the success of this magazine.

Special thanks goes to (but not limited to) the sponsors’, writers, Ms. Miria Eunice Muyama (Admin. of IA) & Mr. Maxwell

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