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Activities / Journey Of Indian Association Team (March 2012 To Dec 2012)


1 Air ticket  for a patient suffering from severe kidney problem to India 28/03/2011.

2 Blood Units was organized for a patient May 2012.

3 Blood donation drive was launched with Red Cross Uganda and collected 1600 units as of today 20/06/2012.

4 Opening of Indian Association medical centre in Kamwokya 01/05/2012.

5 MOU for life saving drugs bank for community was signed & hence Life saving drug project launched. 30/04/2012.

6 Dental outreach camp organized;

•Balawoli Kamuli, 25/03/2012.

•Naguru Police Baracks, 28/08/2012.

•Nabagereka Primary School, 08/09/2012.

•Lugujja, 08/12/2012.

7 20 needy Ugandan children sent to India for Heart Operation. 16/10/2012.



8 Members Registration Drive ,camp-at Patidar Samaj, Swami Narayan sanstha, Karnataka Association, Lohana Samaj,NICCA-Dushera Mela. June to Oct 2012.



9 6 aside cricket tournament. 26/8/2012.

10 Football match with Immigration, state minister of Internal Affairs –attended .Indian Association chairman also inspected the guard of honor 12/10/2012.



11 Budget recap circulated by business forum. 25/6/2012.

12 Hosted the NASSCOM Delegation from India (25 Delegates) at Sheraton with 50 business houses from Uganda. Mr. Sommital the president of NASSCOM and ICT Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda attended the dinner. Sommittal appreciated Indian Association. 20/8/2012.

13 Indian Business Forum-registered with UMA. Dec 12.

14 Petty traders notification meeting 9/12/12.



15 Launch of Hindi classes(63 students including Ugandans). 7/12/2012.

16 Launch of 200 scholarship programme for needy Ugandan children. Dec 2012.



Heart Surgery -Publicity


18 Radio Sanyu FM talk Show  for Heart Operation Project. July 2012.

19 New Vision article on Heart Patients after the Operation in India. 28/11/2012.

20 4 Banners for Heart Operation at Garden city & other location. July 2012.

21 Heart Operation ,Press Conference –High Commission attended. 15/10/2012.

22 Radio Stations(super fm, Radio one fm, voice of Africa fm, UBC fm). 15/10/2012.

23 TV Stations ( star TV, Channel 44, UBC, NTV, NBS, WBS, Record TV)aired at prime time. 15/10/2012.

24 News papers (Monitor, New Vision, Red pepper, sunrise , Bukedde). 16/10/2012

25 4 Bill Boards-Heart Operation in Kampala town-Blood Donation.

26 Sunrise-Hope to Heart Patients. 19/10/2012.

27 Bukedde-Coverage for Heart Operation & Blood Donation drive. 16/10/2012.

28 Monitor-20 children set to undergo surgery. 16/10/2012.

29 UBC TV Talk show( Heart Project ,Major challenges faced by business ,contributions of Indians in Uganda). June 2012.


Blood Donation -Publicity

30 4 Bill Boards –Blood Donation in Kampala town. July 2012.

31 Bukedde-Blood Donation. 26/06/2012.

32 New Vision-Indians donate blood. 17/07/2012.

33 New Vision-Indian Association supports needy communities. 15/08/2012.

34 Daily Monitor-Blood donation. 10/09/2012.

35 Monitor-Blood Donation. 31/10/2012.

36 New vision- Blood Donation. 04/11/2012.

37 Certificates to all Blood donors


General Publicity

38 Nambi Talk Show on UBC ,TV, (Activities of Indian Association & contribution of Indians, Major challenges faced by businesses). 08/08 2012.

39 Nambi Talk show on Hello TV-Indian cable TV. 25/11/2012.

40 New Vision-Nambi talk show. 12/07/2012.

41 Developed a power point presentation for Indian Association activities  for presenting to various authorities/forums-Government & others. Nov ,2012.

42 4 Bill Board –Contribution of Indians in Uganda ( In and around Kololo Airstrip). 09/10/2012.

43 New Vision-Facilitation of 1 speaker of Uganda Mr. Narendra Patel. 11/10/2012.

44 News paper supplement on India Independence day in the New Vision. 15/08/2012.

45 India Independence day-Interview in the New Vision for the High Commission of India & chairman Indian Association. 15/08/2012.


Diwali celebration-Publicity

46 Diwali celebration at State House. 22/11/2012.

47 News Papers- New Vision , Monitor. 22/11/2012.

48 TV (NBS, UBC, NTV, Star).22/11/2012.

49 Radio Station- Capital FM.

50 Hello TV.

51 I hr talk show on UBC Radio FM 98 English. 24/10/2012.

52 I hr talk show on UBC radio –Kishwahili. 26/10/2012.

Indian Film Festival-Publicity

53 3 Bill Boards for Indian Film Festival In Kampala Town.09/11/2012.

54 UBC. 02/12/12.

55 Monitor. 02/12/12.

56 New Vision/Red pepper. Dec 12


G Scholarship Publicity

57 3 Bill Boards. Dec 12

58 Bukedde Advert. Dec 12

59 Monitor –Advert & News. Dec 12.


H Hindi Classes Publicity

60 3 Bill Boards. Dec 12.

61 SMS. Dec 12.

62 Hello TV. Dec 12.

63 New Vision. Dec 12.



64 Namesta Publication launched. 19/07/2012.

65 2nd Issue of Namesta out. Jan 2013.

66 Article about Indians contribution in a magazine called EA business link which was distributed to VIP’s on the 9th Oct Parade at Kololo Airstrip. 09/10/2012.

67. Article about Indians contribution in a magazine called “the transformation to prosperity” a Golden Jubilee souvenir publication. 26/11/2012.



68 Indian Film Festival – (9 shows-7 movies) in conjunction with High Commission of India with a grand closing ceremony.

23 Nov - 1Dec 12.



69 Face book  page of Indian Association launched to members (2700 members as of date). Aug 2012.

70 Launch of the Indian Association website with features like Photo gallery, contacts of various other associations affiliated with Indian Association ,up country contacts, Newspaper cuttings ,copy of constitution activities of Indian Association & others. 03/06/2012.

71 On line members Registration Drive. 09/08/2012.

72 Increased Data bank of E-mail & sms-attempted to keep community more informed. Aug, 2012.



73 Baroness Ms. Shriti Vadera’s welcome & honour. 08/07/2012.

74 Cocktail & Dinner with MPs from India- Mrs. Smita Irani & others at Indian Association premises. Various community leaders attended the dinner. 02/04/2012.

75 Narendra Patel (1st speaker of Uganda), Hon. Sanjay Tanna , Mr. Sugram, Jafar Bandali, Mahendra Mehta were honored by IA. 04/10/2012.



76 Work permits not picked –communicated the list to the public. Nov,2012.

77 Meeting with Directorate of Immigration for consultative dialogue on Zero draft of National Immigration Policy. Community leaders & business leaders of IA attended the meeting. 24/05/2012.

78 Diwali greeting from Immigration commissioner to the Indian Community on email. 13/11/2012.

79 Negotiated & convinced Immigration Department to accept coloured certified copy of work permits & passport as a valid legal proof-letter got from immigration. 30/10/2012.



80 Indian Association Arbitration sub-committee played a very active role and many cases were handled successfully. For confidentiality reasons cases cannot be mentioned publically. Various Dates.



81 Celebration of Diwali at State House with H.E the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni & the Indian community. 22/11/2012.



82 Tax exemption obtained from URA. April 12.



83 Presentation at Edutainment Africa awards by Mr. Sham Ramarao. 01/12/12.



84 Prayer for Indian Association was drafted. May 12.

85 Participation in Parade at Kololo Airstrip. 09/10/2012.

86 Arranged 25 VIP passes for all community leader to attend the independence ceremony at Kololo Airstrip. 09/10/2012.

87 Sent Diwali cards to business leaders & Indian Association sponsors & government dignitaries who have been continuously helping Indian Association. November 2012.

88 London-40yrs celebration of Ex-Ugandans –presentation about Indian Association activities ,distributed pamphlets for Indian Association projects to collect funds. 01 Dec 2012.

89 Get together was organized with community leaders, Indian Association and Indian Women Association trustees & Executive committee, subcommittee of Indian Association, Jinja Indian Association, Executive committee & business leaders of the town-To launch the programme of the New Executive committee. 03/06/2012.

90 Policy for Help to Indians in distress  framed & funds set aside. 29/07/2012.

91 Distribution of water & stationary pouches on 9th October at the Airstrip & later on in various schools. 09/10/2012.

92 Advert  for asking names from Ugandan to sponsor them for India trip( Indo Africa Technology partnership programme (IATPP). 10/12/12.

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