The Indian Association Uganda

IAU facilities

Use of Notice Board for 15 days

Members: UGX10,000
Non Members: UGX15,000
Association: free

PA system (to be used only at Indian Association premises)

Members: UGX20,000
Non Members: UGX30,000
Association: UGX20,000

Movie Screen with siting space (only regional film)


Members: UGX75,000
Non Members: UGX100,000
Association: UGX75,000


Members: UGX100,000
Non Members: UGX125,000
Association: UGX100,000 


Within Kampala

Members/ Non members / Association: UGX100,000
Outside Kampala
Members/ Non members / Association: UGX100,000

Hall (with PA system and chairs and generator)

Members: UGX50,000
Non Members: UGX70,000
Association: UGX50,000 

Ground for wedding or other parties

Members: UGX150,000
Non Members: UGX200,000
Association: UGX150,000


Members: UGX5,000
Non Members: UGX10,000
Association: UGX5,000


Magazine: Deposit UGX10,000 each (10 days)
Novels: Deposit UGX30,000 to UGX100,000 each (10 days)

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IAU Up coming Events

  • June 12 Charity Dinner fund raiser for less fortunate.
  • July 12 Badminton Open Tournament.