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Why invest in Uganda?

Uganda had stable and predictable environment. Uganda has been able to achieve macro-economic stability when clouds of uncertainty rocked many regions of the world.


Areas available for Investment

With the growing population and the atretegic location in the East Africa, Uganda provide opertunity in various sector of the industry, some of them are detailed below


How to Start Business

Foreign investors require a minimum of US$100,000 in planned investment in order to secure an investment license from the Uganda Investment Authority, whereas for local investors, the minimum planned investment requirement is US$50,000. Local investors, however, may proceed with their investment without licensing with the Uganda Investment Authority. The license is very crucial to foreign investors as it is the instrument that legalizes their investment in Uganda. Traders do not require a license from UIA but must demonstrate operating capital of US$ 100,000 before trading licenses and entry permits are issued by local authorities.
Steps to Register your Investment in Uganda


Visa and Entry Permits

A visitor is given a single journey visa to Uganda and on arrival he/she is issued with a visitor’s pass for purposes of either spending a holiday, traveling, or investigating the possibilities of carrying on any business, trade or profession in Uganda. Please bring spare passport photographs.


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